October 5, 2019

6th annual ​Parish-Wide Gala & Auction

Holy Trinity Harvest

The 2018 Harvest Steering Committee is excited to bring you another fabulous evening of FUNd-raising and Celebration!  

Each committee member would love any help you can provide! If you want to be a part of the fun and get involved in a fantastic parish-wide event, please don't hesitate to reach out to any one of us. 

Event Chairperson - Jackie Ehler, jacqueline.ehler@gmail.com

Beverage chair - Jason Kane, jason@reardonpallet.com

Communications - Kylie Helmer, kylie1379@yahoo.com

Decorations chair - Loretta Heinen, lorettajheinen@gmail.com 

Donations co-chair - Sarah Bond, sarahcbond@gmail.com

Donations co-chair - Kris Schneider, kris.schneider0711@gmail.com

Facilities - Matt Ehler, msehler@gmail.com

Finance chair - Natasha O'Donnell, naodonnell@yahoo.com


Food chair - Ellen Feiden, ezfeiden@gmail.com 

Fund-a-need  - still looking, is it you? Email Jackie!

Games & Entertainment co-chair - Erin Donaldson

Game & Entertainment co-chair - Alyson Menjares

Parish representatives -

     Stan Nill, Business manager, snill@htlenexa.org

​     Jeremy Heinen, Development, jheinen@htlenexa.org

Pick of the auction - Natalie Blume, natalieblume@gmail.com

Teacher adventures - Jessica Teddy, teddy62103@gmail.com 

Volunteer coordinator - Shannon Schuester, schuster.shannon@gmail.com