Wine And Spirits Pull
A gala favorite is back with a twist!  For $25, draw a cork to see what you’ve won!  Will it be a lovely bottle of red or white, or possibly a bottle of borbon or whiskey? This year we are mixing it up with both wine and liquor! 

Want beer? Get your glasses ready! 
It was a hit, so we’re bringing it back! For $10 you can guess how many ounces of beer are contained in a picture. The person who gets closest to the total will have ALL. THAT. BEER. The winner will be announced during the live auction. 
50/50 Raffle “Let’s split it!” 
Ever been to a baseball game and purchased a 50/50 raffle ticket? That’s the idea with Harvest game. Half of the ticket proceeds will go to the winning bidder and half will be donated to Holy Trinity. It’s a no-lose way to give back to the parish! The winner of the 50/50 raffle announced during the live auction.