Interested in hosting a party?

​Contact us to toss around any ideas you may have!  

     Jennifer Gould,

Check out the fun Sign-up Parties below from the 2019 Harvest Gala & Auction!

Sign-up parties are a fun and exciting way to meet new people in the Parish and hang out with old friends.

Individuals can sign up to attend any sign-up party that interests them, as long as there are available spots.

Sign-up parties will open on mobile bidding then all remaining spots can be signed up for the night of the Harvest Gala & Auction.  You will see posters listing each sign up party in the silent auction area. Just sign your name and bid number on the bid sheet and that's all you have to do! It will show on your receipt and you will receive more information from the event hosts when the date gets closer. 

​My friends and I have talked about putting something together for the auction. What kind of event could we do? 

  • A dinner hosted at your home made by you or catered by a local restaurant.​​
  • A father-son paintball outing or a Nerf party at a local park.
  • ​A mom's night out for a painting party. 
  • A cooking class for a group at the new City Center.
  • A dad's night out learning how to brew their own beer.
  • ​The possibilities are endless!