Travel and Trips

Additional information will be provided for all travel and trips. However, given the ever-changing impact of COVID-19, Holy Trinity cannot be held responsible for potential cancellations or postponements.

Other auction items including but not necessarily limited to trips or tickets to special events: The deductible portion of the donation is limited to the excess of the amount paid for the item over its estimated fair market value.  

Gift Certificates

Should anything happen to prevent redemption of a gift certificate or gift card, refunds will not be given and the amount paid will be considered a donation to the church and school. Thank you so much for supporting us during this unprecedented time.

The purchase of gift cards/gift certificates for an amount less than or equal to its stated face value does not result in a deductible charitable donation for federal income tax purposes. However, the purchase of a gift card for an amount that exceeds the stated face value of the gift card generally yields a charitable donation equal to  the amount of the excess of the amount  paid over the stated face value of the gift card.

Tax Information

Federal tax legislation contains substantiation and disclosure requirements that affect all charitable organizations which are exempt from tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The two areas which now require documentation are substantiation of charitable contributions of $250 or more and the disclosure of contributions in excess of $75 for which the donor receives a quid pro quo in the form of goods or services from the charity. 

How do I bid?

This year’s auction will use Greater Giving Online Bidding – allowing for a paperless bidding system.

You will bid using your smartphone or tablet on silent auction items. You can easily track Packages by “following” their activity without having to return to the item continuously. 

Who can come to Harvest?

Anyone!  It's not just a school thing; it's not just a parish thing; It's for everyone. However, it is an adults only event.

Christmas and Easter

Purchase of a reserved pew for Christmas or Easter is anticipated to yield a deductible charitable donation as "there is only an intangible religious benefit provided to the donor by the church and generally the church does not sell reserved pews in a commercial transaction outside the donative context of Harvest Gala".

Where do I pick up my purchased item(s)?

If you purchase any items or gift certificates, those purchases should be taken home with you the night of the event. 

Any items that are not picked up at that time will be available for pickup in the school cafeteria from 10 am - 12 pm on Sunday, September 29, 2024. After that, any items not picked up will be available in the Parish office beginning Monday, September 30, 2024. Any items not picked up before October 18, 2024 will be relinquished and donated. 

This information is provided only as information and Holy Trinity nor the Harvest Committee guarantee it's accuracy.

You should consult with your individual tax professional for advice concerning the deductibility of your gifts. 


Fund A Need Donations are generally considered to represent a charitable donation equal to the amount paid because no quid pro quo in the form of goods or services were received in exchange for the donation.

All sales are final!!

All items sold are non-refundable. No exchanges or substitutions will be made. Purchases can not be removed from your bill once bid. Terms and limitations are identified on each item.

Paying via check (versus using a credit card) does help the parish to avoid the 4% processing fees associated with the online auction platform. If you wish to use a credit card and want to cover the processing fees associated with your purchase, just let the checkout attendant know when you are finalizing your bill at the end of the night.​​

Please do not hesitate to contact Jackie Ehler,, 913.424.0001 in the Parish Office with any questions.

Live Auction

The Live Auction part of our event is not available on mobile bidding due to the quick nature of the process. If you cannot attend the event but want to bid on a live auction item, you can designate a proxy to bid for you or contact Jackie Ehler, and we can coordinate someone to bid for you in your absence.

All purchases made during the Live Auction are FINAL and cannot be removed from your bill for any reason.

Where do Harvest funds go?

Funds go toward 3 different areas:

supporting Catholic education at Holy Trinity Catholic School (K-8).

Fund-A-Need: every year we designate something urgent and important to tackle that is out of the normal budget.

General Operating Fund: used throughout the year on things that are deemed important and urgent.